Succeeding in Sport

Today there are a great variety of tools to support you to succeed in sport and life generally. There are tools to help develop your mental skills so that you can become more motivated and more skilled.  Most of us find it interesting that there is much improvement in your sports performance to be gained by sitting in a chair and much improvement to be gained in your mental performance by exercising your body. These mental skills include goal setting, visualisation and mental preparation program that will not only help you with the preceding but help you get more out of your physiology. Your mental preparation program can help you get more out of your physiology as you learn to better control your states.  It is also important to understand your recovery physiology so that you support the recovery process.  Supporting the recovery process will enable to you back up more effectively after a competition and it will help you train at a higher level of intensity.


Recovery Physiology

Mental Preparation Program basics

Goal Setting for Sport


The relationship between visualisation and improved performance