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Business Tools for Operating a Restaurant

Business tools for operating a restaurant provides access to a number of tools to help improve the business success and ease of operation of your Restaurant. Business Tools for Operating a Restaurant is aimed at owners or managers of restaurants that are after increased business returns, whether these returns are increased income, greater job satisfaction or less working time.  

Restaurant Checklist

Over 100 ways to make more money in your restaurant including:

  •             Designing more profitable menus

  •             KPI Tracking

  •             Staff Training

  •             Marketing and Promotions

How to Make Money in a Restaurant

Have you wondered how to double the profitability of your restaurant?

Do you want to understand the components of the strategy necessary to double your profitability?


Restaurant Employees Award Roster Calculator

Work out your weekly rooster and for no extra effort you will also have:

  •             A calculation of your salaries

  •             The full cost of each days roster

  •             A tool to enable you to test different staffing scenarios

Restaurant Wage Budget Helper

Calculate the cost of your labour for different roster combinations according to the Restaurant etc Employees (State) Award in NSW, Australia. 

Gross Profit Calculator

Convert Gross Margin (Gross Profit) to Mark Up and vice versa. 

Learn how to set goals for business

The key to business success is to know where you are going.  Learn how to set goals for business will provide you with a number of resources. Many of them free. 

Delegation Planner

Identify tasks you can delegate in your restaurant, allocate them to appropriate people and supervise their completion.  

Charge Rate Model

How much is your time worth.  What hourly rate do you need to recover for your time in order to achieve your objectives.  Very relevant when catering for functions. 

Personal Maintenance Assessment

Are you the most valuable asset of your business? Are you looking after that very important resource?  This guide will provide you with a quick assessment and help you focus on taking good care of yourself or other key personnel.  

General Business Resources

A collection of business resources to help you increase you returns from business. 

How to Improve Dining Room Service

Read this 31 page ebook to understand how you can have happy customers and make more money from your dining room.


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